Midland, TX

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Midland, TX is a sought-after place to live because of the hot and mild weather they have for most of the year. There are only a handful of days during the winter months when the temperature will drop below freezing. The average high temperatures in the spring and summer in Midland, TX are 80 to 95 degrees Fahrenheit. The average high for the fall and winter months is 58 to 68 degrees Fahrenheit.

Ashley Irons is a local buyer’s agent who wants to help you find the house of your dreams in Midland, TX or the surrounding areas. She will assist you in finding houses for sale that are within your price range because sometimes you might miss out on a house when you’re the only one looking.

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Our licensed realtor will help you figure out everything you want to know about each of the houses for sale in the greater Midland area. Contact our office to speak with a real estate agent about your budget and what or where your dream house is. Our local licensed realtor provides clients throughout Midland, TX and the surrounding communities with exceptional service and luxury houses for sale.

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