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Selling your home is not an easy process. Navigating complicated paperwork and negotiations can leave you feeling stressed and taken advantage of. Let Ashley Irons be your real estate agent in the Midland, TX area when you decide to sell your home! Contact our local realtor today to see how much your home is worth and to move forward with the selling process. We can also assist in showing you current houses for sale!

How Do Realtors Determine a Suggested Listing Price for Your Home?

Your home is your most valuable asset. It cost you a lot of money to buy and you have poured your hard sweat and tears into it. This often causes people to overvalue their homes. While we understand that your home is priceless to you, it is not that way for potential buyers. Your listing price is an important part of selling your home. Homes for sale that are properly priced are more likely to sell quickly and for their actual value. Homes that are improperly priced take longer to sell and are often sold for less than their full value. This is why the pricing of your home is vital.

Our local Realtor will provide you with an estimate of how much to list your home for. How do we do it? The process involves looking up historical data of homes that are like yours and their sale prices. The homes that we use for comparison will be sold within a few months of when you list your home and are near your home. After we have found several homes that are like yours, we then take an average of their sales price to determine a potential listing price for you.

Tips for Selling Your Home

Everyone who lists their home for sale wants to sell it quickly and for the highest price. This is easier said than done. Selling your home will take a lot of effort. Here are some tips from our licensed Realtor to help you sell your home:

  • Deep Clean Your Home: Do you like a dirty home? Well neither do potential buyers. They are spending a lot of money to buy a home and they want it to be clean and move in ready. So, deep clean your home and give them the impression that your home is well-maintained and is perfect for them.


  • Professional Photography: A lot of buyers will look at the listing photos of a home before deciding to ever go to see it in person. Poor quality photos or photos that do not properly highlight the features of your home will scare buyers away. Utilize the services of a professional real estate photographer to provide you with high-quality photos that help to show the best of your home.


  • Use a 3D Drone Tour: It is not uncommon for some buyers to put an offer in for a home that they never visited in person. However, they still want to see the home. Yes, pictures are great, especially when they are done by a professional. However, consider getting a 3D drone tour of your home for those out-of-state buyers or people who may be unable to see your home in-person. These videos also make for great advertising pieces that can be shared by you and your real estate agent on social media.


  • Curb Appeal Matters: The exterior of your home will make the first impression on buyers. A well-groomed landscape and clean exterior will make your home look beautiful. We recommend that you keep the grass mowed, trim the bushes, plants nice flowers in the garden, and power wash the exterior of your home.

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